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Oct 28, 2019

Hi. Before spending an entire episode on Xenogears' Desert Attack chapter, we inventory the accumulation of foreshadowing and its primary distribution method, Citan Uzuki. We go on to debate the logistical fallacies of Grahf's costume, spin our propeller-hats at Citan's conversation with "Emperor," and meet a surely band of sand pirates. We must find god's resting place and resurrect him. That is our final prayer.

00:22 - Intro
00:55 - On the prodigious amount of foreshadowing from Tetsuya Takahashi through Citan Uzuki (concert flyer referenced)
04:45 - Implications of a cut line of dialogue, and its reuse in Chrono Cross
07:33 - Anime dream with Grahf and two unknown conspirators
08:45 - Why's Grahf look like that
12:30 - Picking up with Fei & Citan, imprisoned in an Aveh transport trip
13:19 - "The One Who is Torn Apart" (music sample)
16:50 - Citan's interiority and the importance of em dash —Words—
18:50 - Citan astral projects to a meeting with "Emperor"
25:33 - Does Citan's family think he is Jack Bauer
27:44 - Imagining all of this from only Fei's perspective
29:10 - Sand Pirates
30:34 - Xenogears has anthropomorphic dolphins
33:15 - The boys finally break out of jail
34:40 - Citan "Lei Wulong" Uzuki
35:04 - Speculation on the origin of Fei's fighting style
35:40 - Sensei x Doc
40:52 - Brigandier vs Weltall
43:52 - Outro

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