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Oct 7, 2019

Hello! For our second episode, we're coming to terms with the PlayStation's size limit for polygonal levels, discussing Citan's precarious position as a father figure and puppeteer, going over battle system basics, and cherishing the emotional necessity of Mitsuda's "Knight of Fire." Remember: if you're a kid who falls into the cockpit of a giant robot and you're going through some emotional mental trauma, you're going to have a bad time inside of this robot...but you're also going to unlock the robot's abilities.

00:23 - Introduction
01:00 - Speculation of Citan's living situation
01:30 - Absence of music & direction
03:15 - This Japanese role-playing videogame has a jump button
04:48 - On-foot battle system overview / Monster economy speculation
09:55 - Citan's cartoon junk house at the top of the mountain
13:04 - What's in the shack out back
15:41 - Citan is my dad
17:00 - "Knight of Fire" appreciation & obsessive exposition
20:57 - Fei returns to Lahan village
22:29 - Chris explains the Anime Freakout trope
23:30 - Get in the robot, Fei / Prologue revisited
26:07 - Mysterious commander Gear???
26:44 - Fuckin Dan / Cruel Destiny
28:39 - Level 2 Anime Freakout
31:20 - Aftermath
33:48 - That's some good world map music ("Emotion")
35:20 – Outro

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