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Aug 30, 2021

SeeD is not a non-profit organization. This time we’re appreciating the world map map, realizing the invasion was all for cash flow, shaming Seifer, interrupting Cid’s exposition, receiving our SeeD rank, hearing GF rumors, wearing dumb formal clothing, being a dick at a party, dancing as a means of subterfuge, witnessing Quistis’ complete meltdown, meeting my teacher at the make out zone, getting fired, and rescuing a distressed damsel. We’re the worst looking guys here.

01:57 Intro | 03:17 Exam Debrief | 10:37 Seifer Unrest | 15:57 The Graduates | 17:19 Graduation | 27:27 Dorm | 29:17 SeeD Ceremony | 41:02 Balcony | 44:23 Training Center | 01:01:00 Real Net | 01:02:09 Outro

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