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Welcome to Retrograde Amnesia, a podcast where we cover classic Japanese Role-playing Games (JRPGs), chapter by chapter, beat by beat. Check out a complete listing of the works we have covered and subscribe to the podcast on your favorite podcast provider. Support us on Patreon at

Dec 20, 2021

I sent my students to kill my wife. And yet, we’re eliminating symbiotic organisms, transforming our school into our car, admiring the balcony vista, setting out to open sea, thinking too much, half-assing a tour of our school, experiencing retrograde amnesia, making a boyfriend promise, losing our temper, delivering our report to NORG, revealing a surprise marital connection, and murdering a capitalist overlord. It’d be heartbreaking to know I was forgotten.

01:12 Intro | 04:03 Mobile Structure Garden | 14:41 Squall’s Mind Prison | 16:22 Rinoa’s Garden Tour | 24:36 Solo Garden Exploration | 33:09 Garden Level B1 | 37:52 NORG | 51:39 Real Net | 55:38 Outro

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