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Apr 8, 2024

Kindness is something I don’t want or need. In the final episode for season five, we’re doing all this for Rubedo’s sake, simultaneously blaming Rubedo for everyone's sake, installing Sonic Adventure’s Chaos as the final boss, tormenting for fun, consulting Brady, detaching subcompartments in one whole minute, worrying Chaos, denying Ziggy his need to kill himself, justifying an incomplete arc, setting a Christ Denial Record, deploying Joanne twice, seeing with our heart, gender bending The Creation of Adam, finding chaos alone, relinquishing pain unto robot, performing a silent shout, playing with gifted child blocks, engulfing the Elsa in angel wing love, not dying until that —time— arrives, and still wondering if Chaos is real. The sunshine would just dissolve me into light. Dissolve yourself into season six, covering Final Fantasy Tactics, next week.

00:00 Intro | 03:00 Abeldo Post-Battle | 09:46 Sophie Peithos | 21:31 Escaping Proto Merkabah | 31:48 Pain Hogg | 44:49 Escape | 47:52 Chaos KOSMOS | 59:50 Aftermath | 01:02:59 Kokoro | 01:17:22 Final Thoughts | 01:23:30 Real Net

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