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Nov 6, 2023

Now, where does the real you exist? As we exist, we’re applying the rules of characters to our characters, sharing curry instead of a campfire, noting the lack of estrogen as applied to sexist stereotypes, sleeping with food, witnessing Allen go down in flames, crawling with mutants, directing eyeballs, throwing guns all over the bed, rubbing couches for secret items, potentially pulling a Shinji on a sleeping robot, killing everyone, firing an invisible arrow from an invisible bow, failing to execute the sleeping robot, capturing the Elsa’s screaming hole, exercising the habit of pulling a gun, and explaining how we’re definitely soldiers and we go where we’re told. Girls won’t like you if you’re so annoying.

00:00: Intro | 02:57 Character Game | 07:12 Dinner At The Elsa | 11:11 Cleaning Up Dinner | 20:54 Elsa Exploration / Hot Plate | 27:18 Chaos Looks At KOSMOS | 29:16 The Night KOSMOS Went Crazy | 39:23 Cherenkov Looks At KOSMOS |42:04 Exploring Elsa Basement | 47:44 Shion Chats With Cherenkov | 56:34 Real Net | 59:28 Outro

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