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Welcome to Retrograde Amnesia, a podcast where we cover classic Japanese Role-playing Games (JRPGs), chapter by chapter, beat by beat. Check out a complete listing of the works we have covered and subscribe to the podcast on your favorite podcast provider. Support us on Patreon at

Oct 5, 2020

I have been playing Xenogears for eight months. In the penultimate episode of season one, we're conducting inadequate preparation, incompleting a map, beating up angels, falling through laser tunnels, flipping tedious dungeon switches, observing basement bass, fighting fighting orbs, sealing divine abilities, time travelling to 1999, intershifting dimensionality, breaking our Gears, destroying fate, and killing god. Yes, we have killed god.

00:52 - Intro
02:15 - Final dungeon prep
05:14 - Exploring Merkava
16:55 - Approaching Deus
20:43 - Marlute
21:40 - Sundel
23:30 - Harlute
25:30 - Metatron
29:48 - vs Deus (music sample: "Awakening")
39:48 - Oh god we killed god what now
46:30 - Xenogears
51:56 - Real Net
53:26 - Outro

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