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Welcome to Retrograde Amnesia, a podcast where we cover classic Japanese Role-playing Games (JRPGs), chapter by chapter, beat by beat. Check out a complete listing of the works we have covered and subscribe to the podcast on your favorite podcast provider. Support us on Patreon at

Jul 26, 2021

Hey, it’s season three of Retrograde Amnesia. For the debut of our Final Fantasy VIII coverage, we’re clarifying release dates, questioning the budget, identifying developers, reading Famitsu interviews, challenging the staff, mispronouncing everything, regretting misogyny, exploring the demo, plagiarizing music, fantasizing about Chocobo World, appreciating the commercial, sorting through 21 year-old memories, remembering gamer sins, dissecting the prologue, and translating Liberi Fatali. People got mad because there were cars in this game. 

  01:19 Intro | 03:35 Platforms | 09:48 Development Staff | 14:30 Interviews | 26:06 Demo | 30:17 PocketStation | 31:34 Multimedia | 35:23 Memories | 42:04 Overture | 47:07 Opening CG | 55:04 Real Net | 01:0:49 Outro | 01:02:18 Eric reads an old piece he wrote about FFVIII

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