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May 27, 2024

Fighting is the only way out. Listening to this episode is the only way we can start listing Chris’ top three tactics, aligning with Dycedarg, swallowing Dycedarg’s shit, realizing the rich won’t save the poor, criticizing common blood, speculating Argath is a radicalization agent, understanding a meager fate, realizing Milleuda is willing to die for this, watching Milleuda inflict psychic damage on Delita, deploying tricky smooth talk, kidnapping the wrong lady, thinking of the children, sending improper knights to kill someone, refusing to treat, defending bastard brothers, and wondering why all of this is happening. Never believe in never.

00:00 Intro | 05:00 Eagrose Castle | 07:40 Delita’s Clenched Fist | 19:45 Animated Cut Scene | 23:59 Hot Gos | 25:37 Lenalian Plateau | 35:15 Fovoham Windflats Mill | 40:54 Fovoham Windflats Battle | 50:08 Windmill Whoopsies | 51:52 Real Net | 55:50 Outro

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