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Jun 19, 2023

This is a gift from my heart, I hope it will help with throwing down over the Sindar, spreading rumors of peace, becoming old enough to get lost, regressing portraits, adapting nuclear bomb logic, pumping Jowy’s dialogue into Teresa, denying Jowy anything and everything, using Pilika as human collateral, stacking up war crimes, having ill-feeling left, realizing Neclord has resurfaced in Tinto, allowing Lester to restore Hai-Yo’s confidence, tickling Gremio, validating onomatopoeias, calling in pregnant mom favors, and finally receiving a toilet confirmation. Eat a bowl of it, and you’ll burst with happiness.

00:00 Season 5 Games Pool | 05:29 Intro | 07:23 Killey & Loralai | 09:41 Coronet 11:40 Muse Peace Conference | 20:51 Rescue | 26:15 Pilika Bait Debrief | 29:15 Koyu’s Debacle | 37:50 Hai-Yo vs Lester | 40:59 Gremio’s Special Stew | 43:39 Drakemouth Village | 49:24 Real Net | 53:05 Outro

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