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Nov 25, 2019

It is time for Episode Nine. After coming to Margie's rescue, Bart faces off against Ramsus. Then Fei comes to help! Then they run into Elly! Then Margie's stuffed animal is a real animal! We learn the necessity of deathblow combos, explore the lack of stride animations in non-essential characters, and also develop an utter mistrust of Citan. Remember, Xenogears’ first law states that something must be foreshowed ten (10) times before you're allowed to know the truth.

00:34 - Intro / Washed Reality
01:28 - Kislev vs Aveh status update
03:55 - Bart whips ass
04:48 - Bart escapes with Margie and then doesn't
07:00 - Ramsus and Miang arrive and distribute localized racism
08:31 - Bart & Margie vs Ramsus & Miang / Mirror Stance
14:20 - Fei literally jumps in and joins the fight
18:20 - Rats
20:00 - The gang gets in an elevator
21:45 - The gang runs into Elly!
24:34 - The gang does a sick runway launch
25:16 - Gebler brouhaha
28:10 - Fei and the gang are back on the Yggdrasil
29:30 - Pink stuffed animal obstacle
31:42 - Pink stuffed animal comes to life
34:40 - Let's talk about Mog
36:04 - We have a heart-to-heart with Margie (Music sample: "Bonds of Sea and Fire")
39:38 - Sand Cruisin' to Nisan
40:43 - Lore dump with Sigurd and Citan
46:47 - Blubbering Old Maison
48:00 - Outro

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