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Oct 14, 2019

Hello! Episode three consists entirely of rich narrative content experienced in Blackmoon Forest. We meet Elehayym Van Houten, a forest elf, a large boulder, and the Rankar Dragon. The trio of Fei, Elly, and Citan engage in self-doubt and determination around two (2) campfire sequences. A youthful reliance on Citan has, in our adult brains, transformed into supreme distrust. Does one really need the power to destroy everything? Could power possibly not corrupt a human soul, just this once?

00:23 - Introduction / Fake Net initialization
02:14 - Forest density
03:40 - World map musing, "Emotion" (live version sample)
06:15 - Enter Blackmoon Forest
11:40 - You there, hob, show me how to tree stump jump
12:30 - Deathblow development
14:10 - Bouldergeist—or—this game has environmental hazards
14:45 - Girl in Forest: Enter Elehayym
17:00 - Forest Elf abuse (Elly damsel’d #01)
19:30 - We love campfire scenes
22:00 - More anime / Evil Kid Fei vs Regular Kid Fei
24:29 - Elly as a party member
25:50 - Chris likes giant birds
27:16 - Elly's place in the prologue sequence
31:00 - Bloody flashback anime / Coward's Delight
33:52 - Silent Break
34:34 - "Knight of Fire" (live version sample)
35:34 - Rankar Dragon fight (Elly damsel’d #02)
41:20 - Observations on Citan's plotting
43:42 - Campfire scene #2, Citan conspires with Elly
50:00 - Reiterative lore dump ruminations
51:05 - Outro / the weight of time

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