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Jan 13, 2020

It's about that time, players. We're discussing giant robots and the feelings people are feeling while inside of them as we wipe the floor with villainous stooges, recognize the necessity of equipping items before a boss fight, question Citan's concern for the innocent, observe Rico's declining mental state, watch Elly turn face, and witness how much Fei loves heart-to-heart conversations before, during, and after serious conflict. Heart stopping mysteries are solved, robots fall in slow motion, the soundtrack glues everything together, and what in the world was that black Gear? Night Purge is the first episode we recorded in the day time. 

00:40 - Intro
01:30 - Purge precursors 
03:45 - Elly & the Proud Boys check in to get walloped
06:40 - Initializing Fei Net (Music sample: "Steel Giant (live 20th Anniversary Concert")
09:52 - Proud Boys get walloped 
16:48 - Fei exposes Elly to her war crimes (Music sample: "Lost, Broken Shards")
25:54 - Weltall & Stier versus Hecht/Dominia
30:00 - Heroes team up to push a missile away from D Block (Music sample: "The Wounded Shall Advance into the Light")
34:35 - What the fuck was that 
36:28 - Robots holding robots (Music sample: "Shattering Egg of Dream")
42:15 - Back in D Block, Hammer conspires with Elly 
46:53 - Big Joe's on the world map 
50:46 - Outro 

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