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Welcome to Retrograde Amnesia, a podcast where we cover classic Japanese Role-playing Games (JRPGs), chapter by chapter, beat by beat. Check out a complete listing of the works we have covered and subscribe to the podcast on your favorite podcast provider. Support us on Patreon at

Jan 6, 2020

We live in a new room. It has a playlist of one song. It never stops. We're also talking about Kislev's strength-based merit system, meeting a new candidate for Best Doctor, receiving advice from a toilet nun, interpreting Kislev's iconography, sending Rico's brain to hell, shutting Hammer up, jumping on a moving train without committing suicide, and being amused by Fei's resolve to "just go wild." Fei denies he cares about Rico but due to classic male insecurity he cannot admit he cares about Rico. Just like me.

00:36 - Intro 
01:06 - We are the champions (Music sample: "Pay for the People’s Joy”)
07:25 - Wandering around Nortune's A Block
10:22 - Chimney jumping into a toilet 
15:16 - Kickin back at the Wildcat Bar
17:00 - Visiting Central District Administration
22:43 - Kaiser Sigmund's offer and Rico's involuntary flashbacks (Music sample: "Faraway Promise (live 20th Anniversary Concert)")
33:20 - Heist planning with Hammer at the doctor's house
34:55 - Rico's friends are concerned about Rico 
39:30 - Catching the train (Music sample: "The Jaws of Ice") 
41:50 - Infiltrating the Gear dock 
46:25 - Catching up with Rico in the desert 
50:36 - Outro

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