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Welcome to Retrograde Amnesia, a podcast where we cover classic Japanese Role-playing Games (JRPGs), chapter by chapter, beat by beat. Check out a complete listing of the works we have covered and subscribe to the podcast on your favorite podcast provider. Support us on Patreon at

Dec 23, 2019

It's episode 13, the best number. We begin with an outrageous Blue Guy/Red Guy Digital Thunderdome sequence before moving onto the Battle Arena and discovering someone tried to make a fighting game in the middle of this role-playing game. We also find Hammer The Supplier in our modern society, get body shamed by French cooks on a planet that doesn't have France, question whether Rico seeks justice or recruitment, stomp out grotesque monsters in the sewer, experiment with vertical platforming, and discuss the biological and social nature of Solarian sympathy. Memory cubes exist in Xenogears' world but the real life versions of save points are apologies.

00:49 - Intro 
02:17 - Eric's text-to-speech puppet theater production, "Red & Blue Brain Guys, Part 1"
04:53 - Breaking down brain ministry and their techno-sphere 
12:23 - D Block'n around 
15:28 - C Block, Battling Arena (music sample: "Invasion" "Stage of Death")
18:43 - There is a sub-Destrega arena mech fighting game in Xenogears 
23:40 - Creeper in the darkness 
26:16 - Battle Arena: Tin Robo, Titan, W-Shaver, MUSHA
28:46 - Seeking justice and beating ass in the sewer with Rico 
37:25 - Citan's emerging skills 
38:40 - CSI D Block Sewers 
42:54 - Redrum
47:23 - Round 2 with Citan and "Emperor" in the JPEG Cosmic Zone 
51:40 - Chris' Gebler etymology update
54:48 - Elly and the proud boys sort out their orders To Purge 
01:00:50 - Outro 

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