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Oct 21, 2019

Hello! After a brief spell of hot-blooded desert carnage, Fei and Citan make their way to the artifact-hunting boom town of Dazil. We discuss the ethics of the Ethos organization, Citan's not very subtle manipulation of Fei, and the pointless but delightful omnipresence of Big Joe. Fei also has one hell of the time in the Aveh desert. Your hot-blooded desire for battle has not been tamed. Your basic nature is unchanged. It's great for us but not great for Fei.

00:21 - Introduction - Exit Blackmoon Forest
01:14 - Fei's present mental state
02:35 - The ethics of murdering and robbing prospectors in the desert
04:55 - Enter Dazil. Music sample: "City of Burning Sands"
08:30 - Citan's got a plan
09:20 - Ethos etymology
12:58 - Exploring Dazil
13:24 - BIG JOE
17:40 - Gear workshop / Bridge talk
20:56 - Sand buggy rental initiative
23:08 - Fei decides to run into the desert
25:30 - Fei encounters an unidentified flying object in the desert
26:43 - Fei hijacks a motorcycle and leaves a man to die in the desert
28:00 - Get in the Gear, Fei
29:57 - Grahf steals the show. Music sample: "Grahf - Emperor of Darkness"
35:00 - Grahf's three precepts
38:02 - Grahf and Citan as independently operating Fei life coaches
39:55 - I need you to kill this sand wyrm
44:13 - Outro / Lament of Fake Net

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